Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blind ideals

Unfortunately, I have had a decent amount of inability to focus on any one thing lately. I feel like I've been fighting myself to forge through the days. 

However, though today I had a day off from the nursing home, I did see two of my most challenging clients in my private practice work. One of the clients is very lively, very young, and has a diagnosis with which I have had very limited experience. Both clients are still new to me, and I have had my "usual" (if ever there is such a thing when I am still in the beginning stages of my practice) three-session assessment process with only one of these two. I spent most of the day considering different approaches to treatment and different experiences to use, only to truly stress myself in the end. I am happy to report that, even though I tended to, let's say, agitate my day with second- and third-guessing myself, I found that, once again, what was most important in both of my sessions was that I listen to my clients and assess their energies, and to keep the goals and objectives in my head. I've been finding that I am pretty decent with improvisation, which is important in this work as the planning is important, but it's such a blind ideal-- only when I am in my clients' presence am I really able to plan the session.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love how my need for believed perfection paralyzes me from remembering things I've learned well in the past. Tonight I had my first true assessment session with a child with developmental disability, and going into it, I was horrified that I had no idea how to assess this client, nor what experiences to use with the client. Then, my client's mother mentioned something that triggered my thinking of targeting impulse control, and with that, I remembered a flood of experiences I'd used before. Now, I feel much more at ease, and look forward to creating a treatment plan for this client. 

All I needed to do was listen. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Putting on a show

Hmmm... I have reason to believe my guitar could be damaged soon. There is no doubt I need a better guitar, but I wasn't planning or budgeting for that in the next week. I do need more instruments. Hmmm...

Today I facilitated the very first performance of any kind, ever, in my life. Family members and friends were there, there was a reception following, and I even took time during the performance to educate the audience members on tone chimes. The whole day was pretty stressful, but everyone seemed very pleased and thankful. I wonder how to better facilitate the next performance.