Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time before the game

On weekends in the care center where I work, I typically do not provide music therapy sessions. Usually, I assist with other events or sessions or... well, I'll just admit that sometimes, on weekends, I call BINGO. 
(Actually, I don't hate it. I use my performance-enhanced enunciation and public-speaking-volume, and much of the time I get compliments from the residents. So there, it's a morale-booster.)
Every so often, I get the chance to spend time catching up with the residents while we wait for the game to start. Today I had that chance, and I am so grateful to be reminded how much I love these people. One of the residents' roommates just died, and I was able to listen to her relate how sad she was. I can't imagine how bizarre it must be to become friends with people, live with people, whom you realize may not survive the month. 
Some people are really impressive. I am sorry for their loss.

Friday, September 16, 2011

In sickness

I have been really ill this week, and didn't go to work for one and a half days while also canceling my private clients this week as I tried to figure out what was going on. I have a better idea, but even though I worked through a whole day today, I still felt/feel somewhat miserable. And this distraction I feel leads me to feel something else: guilty for not providing my residents my full attention. (What's funny is that my guilt may be aggravating my "sickness.") I am sure no one likes being sick, but being sick while working as I do turns out to be really difficult for me. I can just hope that soon enough I will be able to give all that I want.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And we're (hopefully) back

Finally, I am finding some inspiration again.
Tonight was the first night of my private clients' Fall session, and I saw two of them. I realize that the less time I spend doing something, the more I absolutely panic surrounding planning for it-- because I am still rather new to my private practice and the clients, and because we'd had a break at the end of summer, I had a lot of anxiety going into this evening. But, as has been the case with my care center work, I imagine I will find comfort somewhere down the line.
I actually used technology in the studio tonight. :) My fiancé has given me a set of iPhone/iPod/iThings speakers (probably not the most correct name for it), and-- guess what-- I used it. Now, I need to find some metal to add to my library as well as some Justin Bieber. Two very different clients...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There is a resident at the care center where I work whom I respect and admire a great deal. I am reasonably sure this resident has no idea of this, and so isn't doing anything intentionally (I've never thought that about any of my clients). I am quite intimidated by this resident, though. I don't know her well, but I am distracted by her presence in the groups I facilitate on her unit. So much so that I notice sometimes I am tempted to change the flow of the session to include or highlight experiences I know she likes. Which is not wise of me, and pretty negligent. But, at least I notice it before I actually do it. I am happy that today I was successful in fulfilling a session plan that provided experiences most of the other residents could find useful in some way, even though many of the experiences I know that particular resident didn't enjoy. I am aware of this hang-up of mine, but I'm sure it's not too uncommon. I just need to learn to re-frame my perspective, I think. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A break

Well hello.
This summer has been nuts. Clearly, I've not been writing much. At all, anywhere. 
Honestly, I've had trouble finding inspiration. As one of my very favorite music therapy instructors seemed to like to say, I've been incubating. Meaning, I've been internalizing most of my ideas lately, waiting for a reason or something to let them out.
My private clients are on break between sessions. I lost one client, but have kept the rest. I am still acclimating to private practice. 
I am loving my work at the care center. I love having opportunity to see the residents in most factions of their daily life. People are fascinating. One very dear resident died late last week, and that brought me down some. I am happy to have known her. 
Happy Labor Day to you.