Friday, November 12, 2010


with scarf & skinny bones
Now that I have had opportunity to realize my power, I am finding the ability within myself to generalize this power into parts of my life that aren't directly related to my internship. For instance, tonight my boyfriend and I went rock climbing for the first time in months. The total experiences I've had rock climbing is four now, and especially after having months since the last time, I semi-expected I would have some trouble simply getting on the wall. I prepared myself, though, in an entirely different manner. I was intentional about creating the experience as being on my terms and withholding from concerning myself with other climbers' and acquaintances' potential judgments of my climbing. I reminded myself of the reasons I chose to climb, and recognized that the act was a choice on my part. My choice. Most importantly, I was able to work from my own bank of knowledge concerning rock climbing, and then add to it by experiencing another night of the sport. Climbing is all about the legs-- I use my arms too much, but my legs are strong. My task now is to integrate their capabilities.


  1. Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Erin! Who did the drawing? It's beautiful!

  2. Lisa, thanks so much for reading! I did the drawing. It has little to do with this particular posting; I am experimenting with adding other media to my blog.